Sandra Barlow

Black and white image of volunteer researcher Sandra Barlow

Sandra returned to her native North Shields in 2014 after 42 years “Down South”, having left in 1972 to go to University and forgot to come back!

She has a Ba Hons in 3 Dimensional Design, and a PGCE in Art Education. Sandra taught 3D Design, Graphics and Computer Aided Design in Upper Schools for 16 years in and around London. She was also part of the management team at Fulham Rugby League Club (now London Broncos), working as part of the Publicity team.

Sandra developed a mania for Genealogy, and spent a lot of time in the General Register Office at Kew Gardens, gaining a passion for research along the way. Before returning to the North, Sandra set up a small company, “The Whole Forest”, which took on research into family history, military history and any other research she took a fancy to. It didn’t make much money – but it was fun!

Now fully retired, she has thrown herself into local history projects, such as volunteering at the Old Low Light Heritage Centre, interviewing for the NHS@70 oral history project, as well as researching the lives of local artists and notable local characters.

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