As part of our engagement programme, the ‘Heritologists’ can work with your school to combine a little bit of North Shields heritage with a little bit of technology.

Our Heritage Programme includes topics such as:-

The Wooden Dolly.
Shipbuilding and industries of the River Tyne.
Local artists such as Victor Noble Rainbird, George Horton and John Chambers.
The traditional trades of the Fish Quay.
Saving lives at Sea.
The role of North Shields in World War 2.
Music on the Quay.
Fishing Industry and Fiddler’s Green Fishermen’s Memorial.

We combine the Heritage talks with technology to make it informative, interactive and fun.

“Heritology” is a word we’ve made up – a combination of Heritage and Technology

We have workshops that are suitable for 8-14 year old students and can work around your busy and tight schedules which tie in with the curriculum.

The technology we incorporate could include:
Stop Motion Animation.
Use of Augmented Reality.
Use of Virtual Reality.
Making a 3D digital model of the heritage topic (Photogrammetry).
3D Modelling.
Sphero Ball Coding.

All students attending the workshop will receive an “Honorary Heritologist” certificate as a record of their involvement in discovering the heritage of North Shields using Technology.

Why not send us an email to find out more?

Watch our video about the Digital Dolly Workshop

North Shields Digital Dolly

Some images of a workshop to make a 3D digital Dolly.

Combined with a little bit of Technology – Schoolgirls using I-pads to capture 2D images to create a 3D model of the Wooden Dolly in Northumberland Square.

Let’s build something together!


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