Watch our documentary made with Year 6 pupils at Christ Church Primary School

Hard Times and Petty Crimes – Christ Church Primary School, North Shields. Part of #HistoricHighStreets

Watch our documentary made by Year 5 pupils at Wellfield Middle School

The film was nominated in the Charity Film Awards!

Victor Noble Rainbird – Broken Dreams – The Wellfield Middle School Documentary. Part of #HistoricHighStreets

We’ve made a documentary film with Waterville Primary School about the role of abolitionists in North Shields.

Don’t look the other way – The Waterville Slavery Documentary
Part of #HistoricHighStreets

Watch our school drama

Ghosts from the Past – Monkhouse Primary School – Year 6 Leavers 2021

Listen to our Audio Drama:-

Featuring John Grundy, Blowin’ a Hooley Theatre, Pete Ross and Dave Young.

“Heritology” is a word we’ve made up – a combination of Heritage and Technology

The Low Road that runs along North Shields Fish Quay used to be known as “The Street of All Nations” because of the huge diversity in the population. Our aim is to bring this rich heritage, and that of North Shields and its many stories to life using technologies such as Virtual Reality, Immersive Sound and Augmented Reality.

While Digital Technology will help us paint a picture of past lives, the real power will lie in the compelling stories we’ll tell of ordinary people living through times of great change. We’ll capture memories from local people and bring them to life using Schoolchildren, Writers, Drama Groups and Musicians in a way that is both inspiring and informative.

Using portable Technology we’ll be able to take Heritage out to those who were previously either unengaged or simply unable to visit sites of interest – Care Homes, Libraries, Schools and other Community spaces are all venues capable of hosting Digital Heritage Events.

Watch our video – The ‘C’ Word (All about ‘Community’)

The ‘C’ Word by Sue Miller

With thanks to our Funders:

With thanks to our supporters:

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