A great big nasty mess …. A neat tidy solution

The Heritologists Trustees plus Frank Gillender from VODA were invited to a “Design Thinking” Session at Accenture Technology on the Cobalt Businesses Park yesterday.

This came about via a two minute ‘pitch’ of our project a month ago at a VONNE ‘Social Tech Meets ‘Event [bringing together the Social Sector with the Tech Sector promoting innovation, collaboration and transformation]. Eszter Belteki from Accenture Technology was at the event and she responded to our pitch – offering to help us.

How lucky was that!

Tackling a project of this size means we all have lots of ideas buzzing around in our heads on what needs to be done – but with no coherent plan as such. The session at Accenture Technology has helped us to distill these thoughts into an overall project plan.

We now have the bones of a plan and are fired up for our Trustee Meeting this afternoon!

We have been amazed at both the number and diversity of people wanting to help us succeed with this project.

We are truly grateful.

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