Radio Interview – Edward Jennings VC

Trustee Keith Spedding was on BBC Radio Newcastle talking to Lisa Shaw about the Audio Drama that we’ve just made about Edward Jennings VC.

Edward was evicted from his home in Ballinrobe, County Mayo and found his way to North Shields via India, where he served as a “Roughrider” in the Bengal Artillery. Whilst there he was awarded a Victoria Cross for bravery in the rescue of a British Lieutenant from sword wielding attackers. He eventually settled in North Shields finding work as a council roadsweeper (known as a scavenger at the time). It’s a story of hardship, poverty and courage in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

Have a listen if you missed it.

We have had quite a few of Edward Jennings’ relatives contact us since hearing the drama – all are delighted with what we’ve done!

And of course – Don’t forget to listen to the full 15 minute audio drama if you haven’t done so already!

Why not make yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and have a listen. If you can, use headphones for best effect.

Here is the full audio drama – introduction narrated by John Grundy :-

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