Victor Noble Rainbird

Wellfield Middle School Heritologists

We’ve had an absolute blast working with 31 pupils at Wellfield Middle School.

They learnt all about Rainbird’s life, then storyboarded the 3 part documentary (including questions for two interviewees).

They also learnt how to use the camera and filming equipment from Alastair at Big River Films and then filmed this amazing documentary.

The film was shown to the whole of year 5 pupils (90 children) and their parents/grandparents (complete with popcorn)

”It’s like a proper movie”

”I welled up at least twice when I watched it”

Just a couple of the comments after they had watched it.

We’re so very proud of the children!

Huge thanks to funding from Historic England, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, National Lottery Heritage Fund and Arts Council England as part of #HistoricHighStreets

Victor Noble Rainbird – Broken Dreams – a documentary film about a North Shields Artist funded by #HistoricHighStreets

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