Volunteer Week 2019

Hannah R Mather – Our Young Trustee

Thanks to North Tyneside VODA (Voluntary Organisations Development Agency) for their article about our recently apointed Young Trustee – Hannah R Mather published during Volunteer Week 2019.

Hannah Mather, young Trustee at the North Shields Heritology Project talks about her motivation for being a Trustee… “I had been thinking about becoming a Trustee for quite some time. Having experienced advisory board meetings for other organisations in the past, I hoped that becoming a Trustee would give me the opportunity to make a difference and share my experience of working in the museum and heritage sector.

I also manage a network for Emerging Museum Professionals which encourages the professional development of early career professionals via peer support – I believe that heritage belongs to and should be accessible to everyone. I particularly hope that though my work as a Trustee for the North Shields Heritology Project I can help to inspire younger generations to connect with their own heritage.

As a local girl I am also keen to learn more about the North Shields area. With all this in mind I was thrilled when a colleague shared the opportunity to be a Young Trustee for this project and I applied straight away. I then got to meet the 4 existing Trustees and the rest was history! I have enjoyed the variety of tasks that I have got involved with as a Trustee for this charity and have also enjoyed hearing some of the great stories from North Shields.

The other Trustees and our volunteer research team have been very welcoming and I can’t wait to get the chance to work on more projects with them. Despite having only been officially on board as a Trustee for a couple of weeks I have already had great professional development opportunities. This will definitely be one of my biggest challenges to date but I’m also very much excited to see what the future brings.”

Find out more about the North Shields Heritology Project at http://www.heritologists.com

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