The Cheque is in the post!

Well it really was – it just got ‘lost’ for a few weeks.

We applied to The Hadrian Trust back in March and when we didn’t hear anything from them we assumed that we had been unsuccessful. Their website does say that if you haven’t heard anything within two weeks of the Trustees meeting then you’ve not been successful with your bid.

So by mid May …. when we’d all given up hope of receiving any funding ….. we got an email from them to ask if we had received their cheque.

Imagine our delight at the Heritologists HQ – £500 of funding was on its way to us.

Sure enough a week later the replacement cheque arrived and here it is on Keith’s hot little hands before hot-footing it to the bank to pay it in!

Thank you to the Hadrian Trust!

To find out more about what they fund – visit their website.

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