Memory Lane

North Shields Memory Cafe 19th July 2019

Our very first Memory Cafe took place on Friday 19th July in North Shields Library.
We hired a room for the day, our Young Trustee Hannah plugged the event on social media and we managed to get a lovely article in the local paper (The News Guardian) to promote it.

We all then crossed our fingers in the hope that people would actually turn up!

Page 7 of the News Guardian 11.7.2019

We need not of held our breath.

The event opened at 10am and at 10:20am people started to arrive and share their stories…. and pretty much continued to do so all the way through to 4pm!

A collective *Phew* ….

Not only did we get some great bits of information and stories – the people telling those stories really enjoyed sharing them with us over a cuppa and a biscuit.

A “Win-Win” as far as we were concerned, and so we will definitely be holding more of these events.

Learning point for next time – More biscuits required! There weren’t many left at the end of the day.

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