Step outside!

In the deserts of Sudan
And the gardens of Japan
From Milan to Yucatan

… Lyrics from The Blockheads “Hit me with your rhythm stick”, which when I first heard them (many moons ago) conjured up images of exotic places that I’d probably never get to experience.

Little did I know!

Experiencing faraway places is pretty easy now with advances in technology. Google Earth for example allowed me to see the house in Singapore that I spent the first few years of my life in – all from the comfort of my arm chair on a PC screen.

Major content platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube support 360-degree content, which is great for sharing places to visit.

We met Andrew a couple of weeks ago from the Northumberland National Park and he loaned us a 360-degree camera to have a little play with. Wasn’t that nice of him!

Sadly we don’t have the budget to travel to the gardens of Japan (which I really fancy seeing by the way) – so I popped down to our local heritage Centre (The Old Low Light Heritage Centre) in North Shields and tested out the camera for the very first time on their balcony…. and so could you, if you click on the link below…. enjoy the trip!

Check out the views to sea and the Fish Quay which will be focus of our Project!

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