Social Tech Meet North East

What is a Social Tech Meet I hear you ask?

It’s an event organised by VONNE which aims to bring the social sector together with the tech sector – to promote innovation, collaboration and digital transformation. 

Social Tech meets bring together organisations with a social purpose and digital specialists to:

  • Identify problems that could be solved with new technology
  • Explore potential technology solutions
  • Create networking opportunities for people in the social and digital sectors
  • Bridge the digital divide and build new partnerships
  • Share learning, resources and good practice

At the next Social Tech Meet (14th November 2019 6pm-8:30pm), North Shields Heritology Project Volunteer Katy Hackers and Trustee Keith Spedding will be speaking about our experiences on our journey as ‘Heritologists’ as we aim to bring the rich heritage of North Shields to life using emerging technologies.

Speakers also include Beverley Dean from Special iApps

Beverley will share her story of founding Special iApps with husband Colin in 2011 after they couldn’t find the apps they needed to teach their younger son William, who has Down syndrome and autism, and how several years later, Special iApps are supporting children worldwide in 100+ countries and 27+ languages. 

Katy and Keith will be talking through our experiences as ‘Heritologists‘ using portable Technology to be able to take Heritage out to those who were previously either unengaged or simply unable to visit sites of interest – Care Homes, Libraries, Schools and other Community spaces are all venues capable of hosting Digital Heritage Events.

The event is at:-
Abbott’s Hill
Baltic Business Quarter
Gateshead, NE8 3DF

The Social Tech Meets have been made possible by funding from the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

We are really looking forward to 14th November – and not just because we know there will be beer and Pizza on offer!

Register here with VONNE and come along if you have an interest in how technology can benefit your organisation?

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